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This is no puddle we want to sail on

28 March 2011
For those having trouble understanding how large Lake Eyre is and why sailing on it is such a rewarding experience. Click on the image to the left for a same scale comparison with some of Australias best known yachting waterways. A week can easily be spent sailing around the two basins currently full.


21 March 2011 Click to read:

Comment by the Lake Eyre Yacht Club in response to objections raised with the South Australian Government by the Arabunna Peoples in regard to “Sailing” on Lake Eyre

Boating no longer allowed on Lake Eyre!

7 March 2011

The current inflow into Lake Eyre means that the Lake will reach a level comparable or slightly higher than 2000 - the best flood since 1989. This summers monsoon is not yet over so we are expecting more water, particularly from the larger rivers in Queensland, assuming further cyclones. In the bottom left hand corner of our web site's lake status page is a link to a satellite image of the massive Neales flood. It is expected that the current flood of Belt Bay/Jackboot Bay Basin and Lake Eyre South will have peaked at 2m by Easter.

A spanner has been thrown into the works by National Parks refusal to give permission for us to sail on Lake Eyre until they have obtained the OK from the native title claimants. From all reports it appears National Parks are enjoying the opportunity to prevent us from recreating in their park and are in no hurry to resolve the issue. This process could take years and means that realistically speaking the only way to boat on Lake Eyre this year will be by committing an illegal act and given the anger in our membership this may happen.

We were planning an informal gathering on the Lake around Easter (it would be too hard to organise a formal event due to the politics) with another regatta at Lake Killamperpunna in July as it would be easy to repeat and we all had such a great time in 2010. Believe it or not, even though Etadunna are quite happy to have us return to Killamperpunna, the Aboriginal Heritage Department are threatening to take action against us sailing on any waterway in the Lake Eyre Basin.

It appears the South Australian Government are happy to remove our common law right to access and boat on a navigable waterway. We find this amazing given that there is no legal difference between our sailing territory and the River Murray. As Indigenous Australians lived alongside every waterway in the country will your favorite boating place be next? Unfortunately we cannot match the free legal services the complainants have at their disposal so all we can do is make the public aware of the erosion of the right to recreate in a National Park in an environmentally sustainable way.

The Lake Eyre Yacht Club, by encouraging tourism in South Australia's Far North, has contributed greatly to the State's Tourism Industry over the last 5 years. For a State that seems to often be in recession you would think they would be grateful for our effort. We would like to thank the South Australian Government for rewarding our efforts in such a meaningful way.

In addition the Station Manager of Stuart Creek, a BHP owned property, has cut access to Lake Eyre South in response to pressure from the native title claimants. This access track, has been used since the year dot, by locals and those in the know to access Lake Eyre South in an area of firm beach with water only 30m from the National Park boundary. It has never been formalised as a public access track because it is only a few kilometres off the Oodnadatta Track and had never caused problems. This track led to the most environmentally friendly access to Lake Eyre South with a firm beach and deep water within 10m of the National Park boundary at present.

Due to our current situation any plans that we may have for Easter are being kept private. There are many other Lakes and Rivers in the area that are navigable should you wish to boat in the area while you can.

The Club's Tenth Birthday Regatta - worth the wait!

5 - 9 July 2010

Our Tenth Birthday Regatta
Lake Killamperpunna, Cooper Creek, from the 5 - 9th July 2010
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Happy Birthday to LEYC ... Happy Birthday to LEYC ... Happy Birthday ...

1 April 2010

Happy 10th Birthday to the Lake Eyre Yacht Club!
What a present we've been given.
2010 looks like the best year for sailing in the Lake Eyre Basin since 1989-90.


Not enough water for Regatta

25 May 2009
The regatta site was inspected on May 9. Where it was knee deep in 2000 it was currently ankle deep making launching impracticle. Unfortunately the predicted 2m flood has peaked at 1.5m. With the northern rivers flow now less than the evaporation rate of the Lake the flood is now over.
Perhaps next year?


Building Materials Wanted

12 December 2008
The Clubhouse Building Program is in full swing with the building lifted and construction of the wharf commenced in 2008. However materials are in short supply - in particular secondhand corrugated iron and hardwood framing timber (4x2, 4x1.5, 3x1.5). If you are renovating or demolishing a building between Melbourne and Marree, Adelaide and Broken Hill and would be prepared to donate materials we will pick up. Please contact the Commodore

We are not alone!

5 March 2008
Photo: Ballarat Yacht Club sits on the edge of a dry Lake Wendouree. The lake has been dry since 2006 forcing the club to use alternative venues. Given that LEYC members have sailed further on Lake Eyre than Lake Wendouree's circumference twice in the last twelve months we have proof Lake Eyre is a more reliable venue!
(Lake Colac) and Bendigo (Lake Eppalock)Yacht Clubs have also had to find another venue for the season.
Jan 2009 - grass fire on Lake Wendouree!
Lake Mokoan Yacht Club disbanded as their lake to be decommissioned as part of the Victorian Governments water saving initiative.


Looking for three adventurous trailer sailer owners

10 December 2007
With early signs of a promising monsoon this season the Commodore would like to hear from adventurous trailer sailer owners who would be interested in a 500km Warburton River round trip. When in flood The Warburton is comparable in size to the Murray River and so is quite navigable for trailer sailers. Assuming a flood occurs in early 2008 the earliest start would be March when temperatures are starting to moderate for a two week trip. Timing the trip to coincide with the peak of the flood necessitates a flexible start date. If you are interested please contact the Commodore


Vale Bill Rice

29 May 2007
It is with deep regret that the Lake Eyre Yacht Club announces the passing of Bill Rice, a Life Member of the Club. Bill died suddenly on Tuesday the 29th of May 2007. He had been suffering from Parkinson's disease for some years. It was Bill's adventurous spirit that saw him inspire the first successful attempt at sailing on Lake Eyre with no less than a 20 foot catamaran, "Red Baron" in May 1975. Just getting the boat to The Lake and into the water in those years would have been a challenge. Bill succeeded in sailing his own cat the "Kathleen M" on The Lake in 1976 and 1977. He was also the first to sail on Lake Torrens in 1989. On behalf of the Lake Eyre Yacht Club may we present our condolences to Bill's family.


The Lake Eyre Yacht Club now has a home!

16 December 2006
The Commodore of the Lake Eyre Yacht Club announced today the purchase of the UAM Ministries property at Marree for use as the new headquarters of the club.
The property, comprising the old UAM hall on 1 3/4 acres, is situated on the Oodnadatta Track at the Lake Eyre end of Marree in the Afghan Quarter. It is ideally suited for use as a Yacht club having a large hall with catering facilities.