^ Diamantina: Trickle
^ Georgina: Trickle
^ Eyre Ck: Trickle

Goyder Lagoon: Overflowing
Warburton Crossing closed
Kallakoopah: Dry Warburton: Flood Dropping Macumba:Dry Lwr Warburton Lakes: Dropping Warburton Groove: Trickle
Upper claypan: Dry
Neales: Dry Cooper:
- Walkers Crossing Closed
- Trickle
- Coongie Lakes full
Madigan Gulf: Dry Belt Bay:0.2m Clayton: Dry Frome: Dry LATEST NEWS (click Refresh):
Warmer, dry weather diminishing the flood.
Warburton flood evaporating on way down the Groove.
Vegetation drying.
Lake Eyre South:Dry Southern Creeks:Dry Page updated: 7 December 2016
Image date: 26 November 2016

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