Visiting Lake Eyre

      "The Lake protects itself from overuse by killing the careless""

If you plan to visit the Lake please ensure your vehicle is adequately prepared and that you have enough food and water for your intended length of stay PLUS emergency provisions. Visiting the Lake during the summer months is not recommended. Temperatures in the high forties can kill even when water is available. A cross on the Halligan Bay track near Armistice Bore marks the place of death of Gabriele Grossmueller who died walking out after her four wheel drive became bogged in December 1998. For your own benefit read the inquest.

The only reliable safety net is the one you build yourself. Before you leave ring a reliable friend/relative. Arrange a time to ring back when you are back in civilization. Advise them how many days late you may be before they should contact the authorities.

Road conditions deteriorate rapidly with heavy rain. It's best to wait a few days for it to dry out. Always take care - a washaway, bull dust patch or another vehicle WILL be around one of the next corners. The local tourist industry makes it's living out of repairing vehicles driven too fast over rough roads by city drivers trying to fit too much holiday into too short a holiday. Slow down and enjoy.

Lake Eyre has only two public access points:

Location Access Vehicle
Lake Eyre North - Level Post Bay PAR Drive on Muloorina Station Public Access Route 100km from Marree Designated as 4WD but Pastoral Act has no restrictions
Lake Eyre North - ABC Bay & NW Head PAR Drive 70km along Anna Creek Station Public Access Route from 7km South of William Creek Designated as 4WD but Pastoral Act has no restrictions

Lake Eyre South can be viewed from a car park alongside the Oodnadatta Track approx midway between Marree & William Creek.
Stuart Creek Station no longer allows access to the shore of Lake Eyre South. (Refer to the section "Our Right to Boat" for further information)

Public Access Tracks (PARs) such as those above normally allow no fee camping for up to 14 days within 50m of the track but not near Station infrastucture such as bores, dams & buildings.
Know your rights, read the Act:
Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act
Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Regulations
For those travelling to Level Post Bay Muloorina has a camping area ($10/vehicle/night) adjacent to a bore filled waterhole. Toilets are provided.

Warburton River Access:

Cowarie Station are permitting bush camping with river frontage. Bookings can only be made at Mungerannie Hotel 203km up the Birdsville Track from Marree.

Cooper Creek Access:

Etadunna Station have bush camping with Cooper Creek frontage. Call in to Etadunna Station on the Birdsville Track for permits. More Cooper information below.


There are many alternatives to the routes below. If you have more time in either direction try a different path. Check road information on the Lake Monitoring (Status) page for closures.

>Which is the best way from Melbourne?
Calder Hwy - Ravenswood - Marong - Ouyen - Pinaroo - Loxton - Waikerie(cross river here) - Morgan - Burra - Orroroo - Hawker - Leigh Creek - Marree

>Which is the best way from Sydney?
Dubbo - Barrier Hwy - Broken Hill - Peterborough - Orroroo - Hawker - Leigh Creek - Marree

>Which is the best way from SE Queensland?
Either Dalby or Goondiwindi - St George - Cunnamulla - Thargominda - Jackson - Innamincka - Lyndhurst (30km south to Leigh Creek shops) - Marree

>Which is the best way from Perth?
Nullabor - Port Augusta - Hawker - Leigh Creek - Marree


Marree has a general store (next door to the Yacht Club) that sells fuel, take away food, groceries, meat, milk, bread and vegetables etc. The store is open from 7.00am to 6.00pm daily.
Leigh Creek has a supermarket with a greater range of food. It closes at 12.00 on Saturday and is not open Sunday.
Fuel is more expensive as you go north in SA with the exception of the Lyndhurst Hotel which is usually up to 25 cents cheaper/litre (diesel only) than anywhere else north of Port Augusta.


Marree has town bore water which is good for washing but not drinking. Drinking water has to be purchased in Marree. The Marree Telecentre or the rest area at Copley have tank water.

You will need about 1.5lt - 2.5lt per person per day so fill up as many containers as you can fit in your vehicle when passing through.