Finding a Landing Site

"We're sailing in ooze!!!"

Launching, an exhaustive process, makes finding a good landing site early on the first day imperative. Fortunately, in contrast to launching sites, there are many suitable landing sites around the Lake. You may have to show these notes to the First Mate in order to coax her on to the Lake :)

Wind and currents create sand spits and deep channels along north south aligned shorelines. Consult you chart (OK map) for the closest shoreline meeting this criteria for the deepest profile and 9 times out of 10 you'll be able to sail within 50m of, and quite often right up to, the shore - even at low tide. If the tide is over 2m you'll have no problems around most of the Lake with the exception of creek mouths.

If you leave selection of a landing site till too late you may end up at that 1 in 10 site that defies all the rules by providing knee deep mud or waist deep liquid black ooze. Suitable punishment?