"We would like to thank the following..."

ACRES Australian Centre for Remote Sensing for providing via their web site the most accurate information as to the state of the Lake Eyre Basin.

BOM Bureau of Meteorolgy for their web site giving excellent current weather conditions, climate information and future weather predictions.

The residents and businesses of Marree who have helped us in so many ways. Please support them by including a stay in Marree in your holiday plans - a chance to experience the real Australian outback.

The Pilots of various Joy Flights who provide welcome communication to Members in an otherwise isolated environment, and who obviously enjoy delighting tourists with what must be the most spectacular flight in the country. You won't be disapointed!

The People of the Tracks, be they Station Managers or Stockmen, for their hospitality, conversation and assistance provided in true Australian style. Growers of the best beef in the country.