Boating History

"Sailing a dry Lake - Shipwreck on a wet Lake "

The following chronological history of boating on the Lake is by no means complete and will be supplemented as further claims appear. It is compiled from published sources listed in the bibliography, and where available, first person accounts. Although the LEYC primary interest is in yachting significant non yachting flood based events are also noted in this history.

AA - Alvin Atkinson, skipper of the "Ibis" and LEYC Life Member
BS - Brian Sheedy "Exploring Lake Eyre"
DT - Don Thorpe 1976 LE TS 16 Championship Winner
GP - A Grenfell Price, Royal Geographical Society of Australia South Australian Branch
RC - Robert Clark, navigator of the "Ibis" and LEYC Member
RD - Roma Dulhunty "When The Dead Heart Beats Lake Eyre Lives"
RE - Rex Ellis "Bush Safari"
VK - Vincent Kotwicki "Floods of Lake Eyre"
VS - Vincent Serventy "The Desert Sea - The Miracle of Lake Eyre in Flood"
WB - Warren Bonython "Where Seasons Come and Go"
WR - Bill Rice, crew "Red Baron", skipper Kathleen M and LEYC Life Member

TBC - To be confirmed


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