Further Reading

      "Don't waste your trip - do the research first!"


It will take time and patience to acquire some of these books. We have found them in City bookshops on special due to lack of interest and in secondhand book shops where you must conceal your delight at paying $1.00 for a treasure. Camping and Map shops often have them in stock and many Far Northern South Australian towns have an outlet for this material. The best, and most convenient, being the Mobil Service Station at Hawker - always worth the visit.

We find the older publications contain more valuable detail, being written by those with local knowledge. It is a shame that many public libraries are disposing of these old and tired but importantly unique and Australian books!

Essential Reading

Floods of Lake Eyre - Vincent Kotwicki
1986 - ISBN 0 7243 7458 2
An excellent technical reference that is attractively illustrated and easily read by the non technical. This book is a primary reference for would be navigators of the Lake. A must get!

The Spell of Lake Eyre - Roma Dulhunty
1975 - ISBN 0 909706 44 1
The first of a trilogy written by Roma of her experiences travelling over the surface of the dry Lake with her husband John who was conducting geological research. Provides valuable location information.

When the Dead Heart Beats Lake Eyre Lives - Roma Dulhunty
? - ISBN 0 909706 69 7
The second book details boating exploits across the Lake during the 1974-76 floods. Essential reading to the navigator providing information on the pleasures and perils of the flooded Lake.

The Rumbling Silence of Lake Eyre - Roma Dulhunty
1986 - ISBN 0 9591349 13
The final book details exploration of the northern end of the Lake. Valuable reading for persons wishing to boat down the Northern rivers.

Beyond Lake Eyre - Bob Mossel & Denise Kuhne
1978 - ISBN 0 859 13 004 5
Vividly illustrates the journey of Bob and Denise by inflatable down the Kallakoopa Creek in 1977. Vital reading for would be adventurers the book includes details of their sensible approach to rescue following a stranding situation at the northern end of the Lake.

Where the Seasons Come and Go
1971 - ISBN 0 958 9388 0 6
Stories from the Cooper Creek area on the Birdsville track. Tragedies of missionaries in the late 19th century and families in post WW1 settlement. Includes an account of the first boat trip down The Cooper to the Lake.


The Simpson Desert - Mark Shephard
1992 - ISBN 0 7301 0471 0
A natural history of, and record of human endeavour in, the Simpson Desert which borders the northern end of the Lake.

Travellers Tracks - George Farwell
A collection of contemporary stories from the outback, including stories from the Lake Eyre region.

Land of Mirage - George Farwell
1950 (1960)
A priceless historical collection of yarns from the Birdsville Track. Oral history from half a century ago while the pioneers were still remembered.

MAIL for the Back of Beyond - John Maddock
1986 (1996) - ISBN 0 86417 074 2
A comprehensive history of mail delivery in Far North South Australia. Makes travel in the area today feel too soft!

The Back of Beyond - The Shell Film Unit, John Heyer OBE
This video follows Tom Kruse, the mailman, as he travels up the Birdsville Track from Marree to Birdsville. Historical footage to fire the heart. Includes shots of crossing The Cooper in flood while the surrounding country is deep in drought.

Marree and the Tracks Beyond in Black and White - Lois Litchfield
1883 (1991) - ISBN 0 9591739 0 0
A loose collection of historical articles covering one hundred years of Marree, Birdsville and Strzelecki Track history.

The Ghan - Basil Fuller
1975 (1996 reprint) - ISBN 1 86302 5251
Details a trip on the Old Ghan, the former railway which skirted Lake Eyre South with a collection of yarns provided along the way.

The Strzelecki Track - Donovan & Donovan
1996 - ISBN 0 64629455 5
History of the Track including the rebuilding of it in the late 50's after decades of abandonment.

Crossing the Dead Heart - C T Madigan
1946 (1974) - ISBN 0 85179 519 6
On the return leg from his 1939 expedition across the Simpson Desert Madigan travelled along the east side of the lake. He was also the first to fly over it.

Innamincka, The Town With Two Lives - H M Tolcher
1990 - ISBN 0 646 00498 0
A detailed history of the township.

Natural History

The Simpson Desert - Mark Shephard
1992 - ISBN 0 7301 0471 0
A natural history of, and record of human endeavour in, the Simpson Desert which borders the northern end of the Lake.

The Centre - Penny Van Oosterzee
1993 - ISBN 0 7301 0406 0
A prize winning natural history of Central Australian desert areas with a chapter on desert rivers and salt lakes.

Natural History of the North East Deserts - Tyler, Twidale, Davies & Wells
1990 - ISBN 0 9596627 5 8
A collection of technical papers by the Royal Society of South Australia on various subjects including Lake Eyre.