About The Lake

"An inland sea that's below sea level"
"Water in the middle of a desert that has travelled over a thousand kilometres to get there"

Lake Eyre, Australias largest salt lake and the world's 13th largest lake, is located in Northern South Australia. It's drainage basin, of 1 140 000 square kilometres, covers 15% of the continent extending into the south-east of the Northern Territory and south west and central Queensland.

Lake Eyre North is 144km long North-South and 77km wide. The lowest point, in Lake Eyre North, is 15.2 metres below sea level and its deepest flood (20th century) was in 1974 at 5.7 metres. Lake Eyre South is 64km long East-West and 24km wide and has a maximum depth of 3.7 metres. The two Lakes are joined by the 15km long Goyder Channel through which water has flowed in either direction in recent history. Both lakes have a combined area of 9 690 square kilometres.

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