Mounting an Outboard on a Catamaran

"Unfortunately you can't always sail :("


For any serious adventure, lake or river, an outboard motor is an essential safety item. A little 3HP Mercury outboard runs on very little fuel and can push a cat along at a respectable speed. The Commodore has two Mercury's - an older 2HP one for very salty water (which is on its second cylinder head) and a seemingly indestructable 3HP one for rivers.

When first using your outboard it is important to become familiar with its fuel consumption under different throttle settings. Most of the time it can be run not far above idle for maximum efficiency. Once the consumption is known fuel required for a trip can be calculated with a safety factor. For example a 650km Warburton - Kallakoopah trip consumed 55 of the 110 litres taken.

Of the 3 Caper Cats belonging to the Commodore or the Club this bracket, which has been through serious adventures for 25 years is by far the lightest. Despite this it has never bent or fractured.

Click on the bracket drawing for materials and dimensions. The 50mm tube is of about 3mm wall thickness and 2 offcuts act as strengthening brackets for the rear crossmenber mounting plate.