2016 REGATTA...

Mungerannie & Cowarie Stations 3-8 April 2016

Regatta Report, Results and Presentation Night
The Club's 5th Regatta was our first warm weather Regatta with 17 yachts, 45 adults and 2 children attending. Weather varied from 35 - 25 degrees and winds from calm to strong. For the first time the water was warm although the 600mm depth provided a new challenge for many participants having to manufacture shoal draft rudders.
A record 6 deadly serious races were held being from one to three laps depending on wind conditions.
The second Rear Admiral's Mug race was held on the last day following a trial sternchaser.

Above: Deadly Serious Race Results     Below: Trial Sternchaser Results

Congratulations to Daryl Skinner - Rear Admirals Mug winner

Photos below courtesy Geoff Stride

Above: Thank you to the Race Committee
L-R: Colin Skinner, Phil Cameron (Racemaster), Kieth Watkins & Mark Stewart

Above: The start     Below: The finish

Above: All of us

Below Left: Mungerannie Hotel     Right: Graeme welds "Lake Eyre Alibi's" trailer at Clayton on the Birdsville Track