2013 REGATTA...

Lake Hope, Cooper Creek, Mulka and Etadunna Stations
7th-12th July 2013

Regatta Report, Results and Presentation Night
The Club's 4th Regatta was an overwhelming success with 32 yachts, 70 adults and 14 children attending. The more challenging access track proved no more destructive on boats and trailers than previous regattas (probably due to better preparation). We had the best weather for any regatta yet with challenging winds early, during the serious races, and lighter winds for the social events. The water was warmer than usual, dawn temperatures ranged from freezing to 7 degrees and daytime maximimums from 15 to 25.

Our volunteer helpers were thanked with a bottle of Heartland wine

Particularly Doreen, Stephen and Dani
Lisa Beecham Doctor Dave Pullin Boat repairs
Geoff Stride Race & Rescue Graeme Stronach Welding repairs
Jack Gammin Race & Rescue assistance (club shirt) Suzi Carter Administration, sales and calligraphy

Racing committee
Mark Dawson - Racemaster
Brian Hill - Handicapper & Results
Jeff Southall

Time Keepers
Judi Pow
Dot & Ron Carmody
Colleen Smith

Burgee Exchanges
David Norrish - Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club Colin Dyason - Hastings Yacht Club
Brian Hill - Garden Island Yacht Club David Rowe - Gosford Sailing Club
Quin Plozza - Port Denison Yacht Club Paul Hawkins - Victor Harbour Yacht Club

Junior encouragement awards
Adelaide Pullin
Alice McNee
Alex Senior

Whoops award
Dave & Lisa for failing to give way to the Commodore


The Rear Admiral's Mug Click for Details
1st - Greg Dale Mirror - Leap Frog
2nd Daryl Skinner - Arrow - Air Power 2
3rd Paul Hawkins - Laser
4th Grady McNee & Alice - Maricat - Princess Puppy
5th Bob Backway - Capercat - Peril 1.5

Deadly Serious Triangle Races Click for Details

Pelican Point Picnic
Morning Race  Click for Details
Afternoon Race  Click for Details

Up The Creek With A Paddle
1st - Stephen Backway Capercat - Eyre Tight Alibi
2nd Mark Dawson - Windrush SS - Wild Turkey
3rd Paul Hawkins - Laser
4th Grady McNee & Alice - Maricat - Princess Puppy
5th Bob Backway - Capercat - Peril 1.5

Overall Results   Click for Details
Monohull division Multihull division
1 st Paul Hawkins Laser 1st and Overall Winner - Daryl Skinner - Arrow - Air Power 2
2nd Greg Dale Mirror - Leap Frog 2nd Troy Hobbs - Windrush SS -
3rd Terry Quilliam - Tasman Tiger - Tiger 3rd Grady McNee - Maricat - Princess Puppy
4th Ray Simpson - Skate - Traction 4th Quin Plozza - Windrush SS

2013 Images

Jeff & Maeve Southall's Video on YouTube:

David Godfrey's images at the Mobile Photographer

Isabelle Senior's images on PicassaColin Dyason's images on Dropbox

Track InTrack In Camp Flat Regatta Camp Beach Picnic Beach Cooper Inlet Channel ~5km North of Camp