2011 REGATTA...

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Outback Spirit - Lake Eyre Yacht Club Regatta
Lake Killamperpunna, Cooper Creek, from the 10th - 15th July 2011

2011 Results:

In 2011 Lake Killamperpunna was about 300mm lower than in 2010 making a repeat of the Birdsville Track Race impossible although all participants did sail to the Track and along it for about 100m. A picnic was held at the northern exit of the Crossing with Champagne toasts and Heartland wines.

Poor weather forced a lay day on the wednesday but the rebuilding of Graeme Stronachs maricat occupied and entertained most participants.

The picnic at the Punt event was made more interesting this year with a race up stream using Fields Cairn as the top mark. The challenge was to sail against a current - some skippers miss-judged and hit the cairn.

Presentation Night: