"You don't have to tell your friends"

Membership, in some form, is open to all.
Full membership, however, is available only to that exclusive group who have truly faced the challenge of the Lake.
Membership is available in the following categories with the appropriate qualifications:

Associate Membership    Persons "just interested" in the Lake. A number of scientists are Associate Members as well as other individuals who don't sail but wish to be part of, and contribute to, the fun.
"Gunna" Membership Those, skipper or crew, intending to sail on the Lake. Gunnas are given access to LEYC generated maps, data and advice.
Ordinary Membership Those who have sailed on the Lake or a LEB waterway
Junior Membership Ordinary or Full Membership for those under 18
Full Membership Persons who have skippered their own boat on the Lake or a LEB waterway

Applications for all but Associate Membership must be accompanied with supporting evidence.

Step 1:
Click here to download and print membership form

Step 2: Pay Membership Fee:

Membership type:

Member Name:

Step 3: Post (or scan/photograph and email) form to the address on the form. Membership approval and certificate will be sent by email.

Step 4: When your membership has been approved you may join the Club Member's Facebook group:

LEYC Member's Chat

The Lake Eyre Yacht Club pennant and its derivation

The blue sky of infinite horizon
The white salt of the dry shore
The black ooze to trap the unwary
The red of the sunsets, the sandunes and the supersaturated salt water.